About Buster

All About Buster:
Birthday: approx. August 30, 2008
Hobbies: snoozin', playing, watching puppies on TV, snoozin', eating, begging for food, being cute
Dislikes: the vacuum cleaner, wearing clothes
Favorite Dog: ARNIE! 
Least-favorite Dog: Vincent from LOST
Favorite Food: Cookies!

Buster was born in a commercial breeding facility with a herniated stomach.  This made him 'unsuitable' for a pet store, and was taken in by a rescue group.  I found him on PetFinder, drove to Toledo, OH to get him, and the rest was history.  The first name I picked out for him was Dr. Teeth- being such a small dog, he has a HUGE mouth and a lot of teeth.  That seemed like a mouthful, so I settled on Buster, from the tv show Arrested Development.  He's a super weirdo and an awesome dog.

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